General Labor Staffing

General Labor Staffing Services

CoreStaff, Inc. can provide qualified help with any skill, for your temporary or permanent openings.

All orders will be confirmed within fifteen minutes and filled promptly or we’ll call another service for you. All of our applicants have been screened, interviewed, skill tested and reference checked to assure that you receive the highest quality candidate to fill your position. Whether your company is large or small, we offer temporary and permanent staffing to suit your needs.

Our General Labor positions include:

  • cleanup workers
  • couriers
  • custodians
  • maintenance workers
  • general laborers
  • hotel employees
  • janitorial help
  • light housekeepers
  • messengers
  • warehouse workers

When you need employees for general labor positions, you can count on CoreStaff, Inc. to meet you needs.

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